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Content Delivery Network Services and Data Centers

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Services - Content Delivery Network/Data CentersPlayStream is a fully distributed network with Content Delivery Centers currently in Seattle and Atlanta. Working with Internap (, PlayStream uses an advanced "Synchronous-When-Optimal" routing service to deliver your media around the congested public and private exchange points on the Internet from the most optimal data center. These exchange points are often the primary areas where latency and packet loss occur (which contributes to rebuffering of your media).

The routing technology implemented continuously monitors the traffic situation over all the major Internet backbones and routes mission-critical data faster, more reliable and better managed than conventional Internet technology.

Through our alliance with Internap, our Content Delivery Centers are directly connected via OC3s and Gigabit Ethernet connections to the major IP backbone providers. Combining this routing intelligence with our "one-hop" proximity to the Internet enables us to deliver your media with a level of value and performance not found at your typical Internet Service Provider.

Data Centers in Seattle, Atlanta and Virginia
The modular architecture of our Content Delivery Centers places your media on systems that enable maximum uptime. Using load-balancing technology in combination with network distribution, PlayStream provides high performance and multiple redundancies over multiple high-powered streaming servers, dedicated for each format. This enables PlayStream to minimize single points of failure of our system. We then co-locate our delivery systems inside of Internap's ( data centers, which provides robust power backup capabilities and fire suppression systems in a secure environment that is monitored 24/7. A 99.9% "uptime" guarantee is available. See the Service Level Agreements in our Terms and Conditions for further information.
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