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It’s Easy to Publish Video Online!
Adobe and PlayStream streaming service make it easy to publish your videos created in Vlog It! or Visual Communicator. 
Streaming Service for Vlog It! & Visual Communicator
  • Drag-n-Drop Video Upload – We offer the only streaming service that seamlessly integrates with Vlog It! and Visual Communicator 3, making publishing your online videos as simple as drag-n-drop. There is no easier way to get your video online.
  • High-Quality Video Playback Worldwide
  • Your message will come across clean and clear when you use our worldwide content delivery network to deliver your video. We even offer live streaming of your Flash video presentations over the Internet using Adobe® Flash® Media Server.
  • Focus On Your Video, Not Your Web Servers – With this streaming service, we take care of all of the technical details so you don’t have to. You’ll never have to worry about the technical ins and outs of publishing video on the Internet again.
  • Friendly Customer Support – Our support representatives are available to help you with any questions 6 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. If you need support during non-business hours, send an email to
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We offer the following service options for Vlog It! and Visual Communicator 3
FREE 30-Day Limited Evaluation Account
Use our on-demand service risk-free for 30 days . This service features 400 MB of video transfer and 25 MB of video storage.
Basic Service
Allows approximately 1,100 views of your videos per month and stores approximately 45 videos on our servers.* This service features 5 GB of monthly video transfer and 200 MB of video storage. Only $7.95/month.
Premium Service
Allows approximately 2,500 views of your videos per month and stores approximately 110 videos on our servers.* This service features 11 GB of monthly video transfer and 500 MB of video storage. Only $19.95/month.
Live Streaming
Live Flash service enables you to capture and stream your live events over the Internet. Use Live Flash Streaming service to deliver corporate meetings, employee and customer training, presentations, concerts and more.
* Calculations of number of videos delivered and stored assume an average video length of 3 minutes encoded at 200 Kbps. Customers who plan to deliver longer videos or choose higher encoding rates should call for more information.
Adobe chose PlayStream to offer integrated streaming services for Vlogit! and Visual Communicator 3, the world’s first video publication software allowing the creation of newscast-quality video presentations in minutes. Combining our service with Vlog It! And Visual Communicator 3 provides you with the fastest and easiest way to publish your video online
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